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Debussy: La cathédrale engloutie - Die 12 Cellisten der Berliner Philharmoniker

This is what I’ve been talking about. It’s probably the most divine collection of sounds I’ve ever heard. There are a few recordings of this arrangement on Youtube, but none with this ensemble, and their expertise and artistry make all the difference.

holy crap

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  • dad got a new job that’s located in NC, he’s going to commute there back and forth until he can move the company to CA or MA 
  • dad and stepmom are divorcing, dad going to NC and stepmom probably staying local in BTV
  • stepmom does not want to move out of house nor the divorce, all initiated by dad 
  • trying to stay immune to second divorce, not too hard, trying to not let memories in 
  • one of them will take their dog, my dog will go to a new home 
  • twin and I moving to apartment after school ends (mid June), haven’t decided on apartment yet but have really good lead 
  • dad will visit us once a month, probably less (time to party right) 
  • finally will not be subject to demeaning and belittling environment of parents 
  • will be an interesting year 
  • will miss the dog very much 
  • excited to move out of the house 
  • not upset nor bothered, maybe sad due to memories and times that were/are not to be repeated — overwhelmed by past 
  • feeling guilt for stepmom, not my guilt, feeling strange 
  • life is weird 
  • excited for this stage to be over and get onto where dad and stepmom have found their next path and twin and I are in the apartment to get around the frustration, awkwardness, and sadness that will ensue, painful words most likely as well 

other news:

  • grades are pretty good, will end the year keeping up streak of all As for high school 
  • took ACT, no score for a few more weeks
  • 2010 on SAT, need to retake either end of this year or early next year
  • APUSH AP exam on May 13th, hoping for a 4 
  • taking calc I at university this summer
  • trying to find music internship through my leadership program
  • struggling to prepare for music camp application audition, due by May 1st, playing Saint Saens and a Vivaldi sonata, need to find pianist for sonata 
  • need to start looking for summer job
  • still fat 
  • currently in Boston visiting colleges, saw BU today, it was great 
  • boy I’m going to prom with and I make out a lot, think we are a thing, not going to be that 17/18 year old who has never kissed someone, he’s really cute and he plays cello and he’s better than me and we hang out a lot and it’s nice
  • Allstate orchestra on May 10th, so is prom
  • in pursuit of prom dress, can’t decide between short or long, found pair of shoes with friend  
  • doing track and so far in terrible shape and quite slow, but having fun 
  • good to not be living with mom anymore, soon no parents 
  • typing lazily because lazy, not sad or disinterested, just lazy, tired 

god dammit stop judging me and take a step back and see what you’re doing stop putting me down and throwing yourself over me all of you asserting yourselves as better than me stop seeing the shallowness that is not in me and that is in your vision instead I am so sick and tired of this 

seriously I’m sorry I’m not good enough for all of you 


So I’m going to prom with another boy (a senior) who also plays cello? 


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Thanks, I try.